Private residence – New construction – Middle-East – 2012/2014 – 7.500smq built + 15.000smq of exterior – coordination and project management.

New construction majestic residence in Classic style extremely decorated. The residence has a high level of craftsmanship in both wooden and stone parts.
Coordination and production of the 15.000smq external layout. The project includes two monumental fountains that contribute to increase the majesty of the project.

Government building – Renovation – Middle-East – 2010/2011 – 14.000smq – construction phase coordination.

One of the most ancient institutional buildings of the Emirates, dating back to the early 1900s. The intervention concerned the whole building with both inner courtyards. The architectonic features have been kept intact, meanwhile the interiors have been completely redesigned.

Public Airport – New construction – Middle-East – 2011/2013 – 40.000smq – VIP Lounge – construction phase coordination.

Construction phase coordination of the Doha NDIA business lounge, Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel project. A fabulous project that combines the Italian elegance with the Middle-eastern architectonic tradition.

Royal family private Castle – Complete renovation – Middle-East – 3.000smq + exteriors – Construction phase coordination.

Renovation of a royal family Castle in the Middle-East. The request of the client was to reproduce with contemporary materials the taste and style of the Castle’s early 1900s appearance.

Made EXPO – Executive designs development – Italy – 2014/15 – 10.000smq – Executive project drafting of the Italian Pavilion interiors for the Made Expo

Executive package drafting and interiors project coordination of the Italian Pavilion for the Made Expo 2015. The work has been made in collaboration with the ARXX Studio of Rome.

Private Villa – Renovation – Middle-East – 2020 in progress – 1.200smq – Coordination and production – in progress

Coordination and production of a villa’s renovation project with gardens in a contemporary style. The building dates back to the early 60s and has been kept intact, meanwhile the interiors and the gardens have been completely renovated.

Private Villa – Renovation – Middle-East – 2018/2019 – 3.000smq – coordination and production .

Coordination and production of a renovation project for a contemporary style Villa of 3.000smq. The building dates back the early 80s and has been kept in its architectonic features. The project has involved both interiors and gardens.

Private apartment – new construction – Middle-East – 400smq – Coordination and construction – in progress.

Coordination and construction of a new apartment on the 15th floor of a 30 floors skyscraper overlooking the sea. The apartment style reproduced a renewed Retrò with a contemporary twist, using furnishings at the boundary between design and high level of craftsmanship.

Private apartment – New construction- Middle-East – 400sqm – Coordination and construction – In progress

Coordination and construction of a new apartment on the 15th floor of a 30 floors skyscraper overlooking the sea. The apartment style reminds of the classic yacht interiors, conceived and built starting from the choice of Teak as the primary material around which an elegant and comfortable atmosphere was built – in progress

Private apartment – Renovation – Italy – 200smq – Coordination and construction

Renovation of a Decò style apartment renewed and revisited. The selection of the furniture has been carefully made from restored original pieces to slightly decò pieces from contemporary collections, all wisely mixed in order to achieve an extremely modern result.