Smp21 Lab meets Giorgia Madiai

I was born in Livorno in 1971: I am an art daughter who from his father, the painter Mario Madiai, learned first and foremost to look and to treasure what was happening around him. As a painter at London Middlesex University, I leave in 1999 as a photographer. I focus mainly on printing, which over the years refined with particular acids (Lith Printing for example) and with the most suitable papers to achieve the goals I tend. After being closed for years in the dark room, in 2005, he met Paolo Garzella, who I still consider to be my master for having started digital photography, a world which, however, has opened the door to too many self-interested artists and their Genial or provocative ideas. After all, I like to look like a craftsman, an old-fashioned photographer who looks at his works as if they were paintings. The job I belong to most is the feminine character. I like watching other women: look at her, study her, give them the confidence to capture her erotic side. Retrieve that beauty and that femininity that has almost disappeared that left the place to stupid veils and images of unreal women with little to say. The female world is a rich and complex universe that I can also tell in relation to a relationship of friendship that binds me to most of my subjects.

I like to call myself a painter.