Smp21 Lab meets Francesco Baronti


I was born in Livorno in 1973 by a father of Livorno and a Puerto Rican mother. During my childhood in Somalia with my family: this experience will be an important training path for my creativity for me. In 1995 I joined the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, where I attended the painting courses of prof. Gustavo Giulietti. I exhibit at national and international exhibitions; I am invited to three editions of the Malindi Biennale, by the artist of the visual poetry Sarenco who is interested in my work. Africa is for me a path that has always belonged to me. In 2010 ART in ITALY dedicates the cover of the magazine. I exhibit in the Magi 900 Museum of Pieve di Cento with world famous artists such as George Lilanga, Eyes Malangu, Julien Blain, Shozo Shimamoto and Sarenco. In 2011, I was invited to the 54th Venice Biennale in the “Padiglione Italia in the World” project. I am increasingly convinced that Art is the cosmic structure that makes us appreciate and taste the aromas and the plagues of the space around us. I live, travel and work in Italy, Puerto Rico and Africa.


Personal exhibitions :

The poetry of the Chromatic Event, Livorno

Enteronauta, ViotaGAllery Puerto Rico

Cammino d’ Artista, kino d’esse,Livorno

Mondispaziomentali, Yccs , piazza azzurra Portocervo

Internamente, Obra galeriaAlegria, Puerto Rico

Essenza del quotidiano, castello, Capalbio.

Soy un incurablesonador, Obra galeriaAlegria, Puerto Rico

Monologhi interni , galleria CAstellana Art, Pietrasanta

Anatomia dei miei sogni, Galleria Parise,Verona

Anatomia de missuenos, Obra galeriaAlegria, Puerto Rico

Benvenuti nel mio mondo, Centro per l’Arte Otello Cirri Pontedera.

MALETA- Villa Libano, Barga.

STORYTELLER, Villa FAbbricotti , Livorno.



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